Why we sell Bauhaus furniture?

STILE CLASSICO ITALIA 1985 Our story begins in the 80s when we discovered our love for the Bauhaus furniture. After studying architecture in which the passion for furniture from the Bauhaus era grew steadily, for the first time, it was decided to settle down with furniture from the Bauhaus era.
Since we, especially the designs by Le Corbusier pledged, our choice was the LC2 series. Unfortunately, however, exceed the price of the furniture that was designed under the aspect of good design in combination with low production costs for a wide consumer base, our budget by far.

The licensed establishments in Germany for many replica furnishings that were designed under the aspects of Bauhaus architecture, therefore, did not come to us from the shop in question. After we had heard from fellow students of high quality replicas producers from Italy, we decided to learn more about it. So we found producers in Italy that were similar to the Bauhaus furniture with their own furniture already. Producing high quality steel tube furniture in high quality with convenient function not only requires high technical skills, but also an understanding in industrial production for larger quantities. So we decided to cooperate successfully, continuing up to the present time.

After we were represented for many years in southern Germany and Italy with a local business and showroom, we decided in 2010, when the sale on our online store more and more expanded to relocate to the UK, since better conditions were offered for Internet commerce.

We're also here quite as far, the collections and design classics of the Bauhaus era of Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Eileen Gray, Marcel Breuer, Mart Stam, Charles & Ray Eames, Ch. Rennie Mackintosh, Gerrit Th. Rietveld and many others, from 100% Italian production offer.

All our furniture is made by hand after the original drafts of the above designers and masters of the Bauhaus era in Italy. Care is taken not only high quality craftsmanship, but also in the selection of the processed materials such as leather, glass, wood and stainless, chrome steel, is adhered to strict quality standards and checked by us during regular visits in production.

This is done not only to guarantee the best prices and quality, but also to securing for many years at delivery and customer service acquired confidence. Should it however this will be a complaint dealt with promptly and easily with us.

We make our furniture like to contribute to your comfort - with a claim to timeless designs, at affordable prices. Soon we will rely not only on design classics from the visionary of the Bauhaus period 1919-1933.
In the future, we will always add modern furniture, which promise an aesthetic and authentic design in our sense, and are consistent modern furniture philosophy, incorporating into our sales program.

The Bauhaus, founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius, this certainly affect our sales program! Finally, it is, inter alia, one of the most important German intellectual movements that would connect all areas of the arts in ideal unity and thus has influenced us in our philosophy.

A "vision of the new dwelling" must take place not only in private home but is nowadays quite to think in a commercial environment. This is often resorted to timeless practical chairs as the chair Ceska (Cesca) by Marcel Breuer, the rugged cantilever chair by Mart Stam or the so-called stacking chair by Arne Jacobsen. Many institutions of public life, medical offices, television productions, hotels, psychotherapeutic practices, notary and law firms with conference facilities have already been equipped by us satisfying.

We hope that we can help you to make your choice for a piece of design furniture with our offers to create a practical, functional and aesthetic home with furniture at an affordable price.
For this, we also offer a number of special packages. If you want to implement your own ideas, so please ask us for special prices for larger orders.

Do you have questions please contact us by e-mail. Call us during office hours.

With best regards
Your Timelessclassics team

• Charles Eames
• Charles R. Mackintosh
• Designer Möbel Classic
• Eileen Gray
• Gerrit Rietveld
• Harry Bertoia
• Josef Hoffmann
• Le Corbusier
• Marcel Breuer
• Mart Stam
• Mies van der Rohe
• Philippe Starck

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