Designer Möbel Classic Stacking chair 3107

In 1955 Bauhaus artist and designer Arne Jacobsen designed the chair 3107 - a stacking chair.
The precise curved structures consist of a steam-modelled, textured wooden seat and a four-legged metal frame.
Dimensions: 54cm x 43cm x 79cm (Width x Dephs x Hight)
Seat height: 45cm

Arne Jacobsen Stuhl 3107 (Ameise) ✔ Bauhaus Stuhl DesignArne Jacobsen Stuhl 3107 (Ameise) ✔ Bauhaus Stuhl DesignArne Jacobsen Stuhl 3107 (Ameise) ✔ Bauhaus Stuhl DesignArne Jacobsen Stuhl 3107 (Ameise) ✔ Bauhaus Stuhl Design

Designer Möbel Classic Designer Möbel Classic
Here are designers gathered who have only one article in the shop or whom are maybe not so well known. E.g. Isamu Noguchi with its Coffee Table, Wilhelm Wagenfelds Lamp WG24 and also Arne Jacobsen with his stacking chair model 3107 (called „the ant‟). The Nelson Bench by designer George Nelson has natural colored solid wood slats made of ash.

The seat of the Arne Jacobsen stacking chair 3107 is available in laquered natural wood (beech) as well as various laquered colored variations. The superior profile of the wooden shell chair emerges from the stylistic approach to work with three waveforms in a single piece of wood. Even after 60 years since it's desingning this Bauhaus chair is still extremely popular. The fine and perfect form of the chair offers a relaxing, aesthetic sitting experience. To use curved structures in chair forms, Arne Jacobsen got many prices and awards for his chair creations.

To learn of leading architects and designers of his time, as well as to combine modern ideals with his love for Scandinavian naturalism, gave Arne Jacobsen a reputation of a controversy one, whom make new art playful.
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