Eileen Gray Tube Light Lamp

In this highly elegant floor lamp by Bauhaus designer Eileen Gray the metal base and steel tube column are chrome* finished. The bulb, which is 120 W Linestrarhre (S 14s) a soft subtle lighting. It is operated with a foot switch.

25cm x 25cm x 102cm (width x depth x height)

Eileen Gray Tube Light Lampe ✔ Designer Stehleuchte ClassicEileen Gray Tube Light Lampe ✔ Designer Stehleuchte ClassicEileen Gray Tube Light Lampe ✔ Designer Stehleuchte ClassicEileen Gray Tube Light Lampe ✔ Designer Stehleuchte Classic

Eileen Gray Eileen Gray
Eileen Gray was born in Ireland. She came from a wealthy family of artists and began her studies in 1898 at the Slade School of Fine Arts. In 1902, she went to France and studied painting at the Académie Colarossi and Académie Julian in Paris. Later, she was informed by the Japanese Sougawara in Japanese lacquer art. During World War II she stayed almost continuously in London and returned in 1918 to Paris. Until 1919 she worked as a freelance furniture designer and as an...
Just by striking accents in a clear form and your oriented geometry and material design language was Eileen Gray's minimalist floor lamp world famous and up to the present time one of the ever popular lamps.

In the history of design, this lamp still has a uniqueness of one's own kind. Like many great designers of the 20th century Eileen Gray* also didnt experienced recognition of her work immediately. However, meanwhile the Bibendum Chair* with its excellent seating comfort, the Side Table* and her Day Bed* apply as the most popular works of design history and a distinctive Bauhaus classic.
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