Harry Bertoia Wire Chair Diamond

The artist and Bauhaus designer Harry Bertoia designed the Diamond Chair as a round chair in the 1950s. The frame of the chair is chrome* plated steel wire and individually welded at the crossings. The seat cushion in different leather colors.

Dimensions: 72cm x 57cm x 78cm (W x D x H)
Leather: Fine textured semi-aniline* leather Ø 1.5 - 1.8mm

from 549.00 EUR inkl. Lieferung und Gebühren*
Harry Bertoia Stuhl Diamond Chair ✔ Designermöbel KlassikerHarry Bertoia Stuhl Diamond Chair ✔ Designermöbel KlassikerHarry Bertoia Stuhl Diamond Chair ✔ Designermöbel KlassikerHarry Bertoia Stuhl Diamond Chair ✔ Designermöbel Klassiker

Harry Bertoia Harry Bertoia
Harry Bertoia was born in Udine, Italy. In 1930 he moved with his family to the United States. In 1936 he completed his studies at Cass Technical High School in Detroit with the final exam, from 1937 to 1939, he was awarded a grant from the Cranbrook Academy of Arts. He then taught there a club for the Cranbrook metalwork, which he headed from 1939 to 1943. Later he worked with Charles and Ray Eames at the Evans Products Company, where he developed technologies for the ...
With the Diamond Chair, a native of Italy, Bauhaus designer Harry Bertoia provided a unique design vision for chairs and armchairs. With the Diamond Chair Harry Bertoia began to experiment with flowing spatial forms. Following his work and love for sculpture Bertoia designed in the 1950s, a wire mesh chair series. As part of this work was a small* and a large version of "Diamond Chair".

As an icon of modern furniture design is Harry Bertoia* in the design history of the 20th century historically established. Despite its own development of a machine for three-dimensional bending of wires, production was consuming. The preformed wires had to always be individually welded together by hand.
Cantilevered armrests and generous dimensions of the "Diamond Chair" give the stylish cool of design elegance, clarity and exquisite comfort.
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