Marcel Breuer Wassily chair

The armrests and seat of the Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer are made by perfectly processed, saddle leather and a chromed* steel tube frame.

Dimensions: 79cm x 70cm x 72 cm (width x depth x height)

Marcel Breuer Sessel Wassily ✔ Bauhaus Designer SesselMarcel Breuer Sessel Wassily ✔ Bauhaus Designer SesselMarcel Breuer Sessel Wassily ✔ Bauhaus Designer SesselMarcel Breuer Sessel Wassily ✔ Bauhaus Designer Sessel

Marcel Breuer Marcel Breuer
Marcel Breuer was born in Hungary and worked briefly in a Viennese archtektur office before he studied at the Bauhaus in Weimar from 1920 to 1924. After his final examination, he became head of the furniture workshop. He held that position when the Bauhaus moved to Dessau in 1925. In 1928 he went to Berlin and opened his own architectural studio. In 1935 he left Germany and settled first in London, where he, together with the architect FRS Yorke founded an architectural...
Bauhaus designer Marcel Breuer was a German-American architect. After completing his apprenticeship as a carpenter at the Weimar Bauhaus, Breuer worked for several years in the office of Walter Gropius. After his emigration to the USA, he established the influential School of Architecture at Harvard University with Walter Gropius.

In addition to the Wassily Chair of Marcel Breuer most famous are Cesca cantilever* and tables from the Laccio Table Set*.
Even with and by Marcel Breuer the Bauhaus movement became one of the most influential design language of "modernity" in architecture and in the design of furniture classics.
Many designers appear the most complicated section of arts and crafts to be the chair. In 1914 writer Paul Scheerbart complaint about the impossibility of aesthetic appeal of chairs made of steel. But only one decade later cantilever chairs turned into spectacular objects of modern design. Because of the technical impression of the cantilever, which acts at the same time cool, elegant and clear, it went to symbol of "modernity."
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