Philippe Starck Costes chair

The Costes chair is a design classic by Phillipe Stark. The chair, as in the original, made ​​of modern curved plywood in real wood finish. The chair frame is made ​​of black anodized steel pipe. The upholstered in durable leather seating surface has a comfortable upholstered polyurethane foam core.

Dimensions: 53cm x 48cm x 80cm (width x depth x height)

Philippe Starck Stühle Costes ✔ King Costes Designer StühlePhilippe Starck Stühle Costes ✔ King Costes Designer StühlePhilippe Starck Stühle Costes ✔ King Costes Designer StühlePhilippe Starck Stühle Costes ✔ King Costes Designer Stühle

Philippe Starck Philippe Starck
Philippe Starck is a legend. An extraordinary mix of a popstar, crazy inventor and romantic philosopher. His work is everywhere: from the chic New York hotels to the catalog, from the private rooms of a French President to the biggest waste removal center, hundreds of thousands of chairs and lamps in bars and apartments all over the world to toward the toothbrush in the bathroom. Taken together, a pulsating magma of signs and symbols, a plastic menagerie, which collide obj...
The Costes chair of the French designer was a design for the Café Costes in Paris. With only three chair legs, this chair allowed the waiters of the cafe's an easier working. As a representative of the "new designs" the Costes chair and the King Costes chair* soon became the most famous designs of Philippe Starck.

Before Philippe Starck (born January 18, 1949 in Paris) was able to concentrate more and more on his own projects, his career began in the 1970s as an art director of Pierre Cardin. A star of the current design scene he was made by his inexhaustible productivity and the originality of his ideas. The focus of his work stood for a long time product design and interior furnishings for bars, cafes and nightclubs.In the late 1980s he also began to successfully deal with architecture per se.
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