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Bauhaus - this name stands in the furniture industry for design classics. Not only armchairs, tables, sofas, lamps or chairs are an important interior for a beautiful home, but also lounges play a dominant role in the glamorous Bauhaus designers. We have for you truly exclusive couches in different variations included in our product range. The comfort and the functional cleverness are already noticeable as soon as they are seen. But, above all, optically, the models we have available also provide astonishment and inspiration.

The name Le Corbusier stands for first-class and exceptional lounges.

Le Corbusier's straight models are integral parts of the Bauhaus-style design classics. The Le Corbusier couch LC4, which was presented together with other LC variations in 1929 at the legendary Paris Salon d'Automne, was almost world-famous. The Bauhaus master designer Charles Edouard Jeanneret-Gris - this name hides behind the synonym Le Corbusier - succeeded in creating an impressive symbiosis of functionality, visual attractiveness and comfort. The designer with cult status in the Bauhaus Universum designed a couch characterized by an infinitely adjustable upper frame, a robust 3-point screwing of the underframe as well as integrated straps for holding the pad. In addition to these functional elements, the Le Corbusier couch LC4 is also designed for comfort.

There is also an "animal" variant from the legendary LC4 couch.

This is how a neckroll and a black leather pad, which has a dimensionally stable foam core covered with dracon wool. Functionality meets here comfort and elegance - not for nothing the designer described this couch as a "resting machine". If you like it a bit more fancy, we have a special LC4 couch for you. While the classic version of the classic black edition is simply black, the designers used an "animal" style for the replica of the Le Corbusier couch LC4 fur and used a fur coat. Both variants of the LC4 Bauhaus series can be found in many first class design hotels, in chic lofts or in penthouse apartments. This kind of space gives every room the decisive extra kick and promises relaxation at the highest level.

Cult designer Mies van der Rohe ensures lasting relaxation

When it comes to Bauhaus-style lounges, there is no way around the name of Mies van der Rohe. The Barcelona Daybed, which is available in our online shop, stands as a substitute for its individual, but always extremely elegant and comfortable lying models. His simple forms and clear lines, which are taken from modern architecture, are especially stylistic. It uses high-quality chromium-plated steel as a base and sets accentuated accents through the frame of walnut wood an upholstered leather square padding and a neck roll filled with form-stable foam. With the Barcelona Daybed, you can create a Bauhaus classic, which is both relaxing and relaxing.

From elegant to poppy - nothing is impossible

We also have replicas of the well-known classics Eileen Gray Daybed and Chaise Longue in the portfolio. Both models, with their extravagant appearance and functional finesse explicitly embody the Bauhaus principle, which explains the combination of functionality and beauty to the high art of the entire furniture design. The Irish designer Eileen Gray has put a special emphasis on an excellent sitting or lying comfort, on the other hand, but also installed a distinctive and elegant-simple look. On the other hand, the chaise longue, designed by Charles Eames, can hardly be surpassed explicitly in creative exuberance. Particularly noteworthy are the extremely curvilinear cut seat shell made of fiberglass, the striking frame made of stainless steel wire and the legs made of beechwood. For whichever of our models you choose, every single lounger combines comfort with functionality and an extremely chic look.

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• Charles R. Mackintosh
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• Eileen Gray
• Gerrit Rietveld
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• Le Corbusier
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