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Modern and up-to-date. Stylish or trendy. Perhaps also classic with a Time tribute to the style of Rococo or Baroque. What kind of armchair you are looking for, as part of our Timeless Classics collection you will surely find the right seat. Based on the legendary original designs of explicit Bauhaus furniture of past times, we have put together a portfolio of armchair variations for you.

Exceptional armchair design has a long tradition

The fact that armchairs are not just an ordinary piece of furniture, but have always occupied an almost extravagant position among the furniture designers, is already clear by a glance into the history. Ever since the upholstery furniture has been manufactured, famous furniture designers devote themselves to the extraordinary design of the armchair. Especially at the beginning of the twentieth century, the great designers learned a regular flowering season and brought out numerous designs, which are still partly used as templates or as an explicit further development in the current or modern chair variants. For example, you can also find armchairs with a design that uses applications of the past in the world around Baroque, Gothic, Chippendale or Biedermeier to optimize the visual attractiveness through the combination of modern and old venerable design elements. And sometimes you recognize even very special influences.

From Pierre Cardin to Harry Bertoia to Le Corbusier

Our King Costs chair stands as a curved real wood finish. On the one hand, the armchair embodies royalist charm, but on the other hand it is designed as an explicitly comfortable seating furniture. In addition, there is still an uncommonly poppy flair, which the chair, made in the original version by Pierre Cardin, brings to life at any time in a room. No wonder, after all, he is a regular pop star in the design scene. The chair Wire Chair Diamond is also a real cult object. Designed by Italian designer Stardesigner Harry Bertoia, the seating furniture creates a powerful visual sensation in every room. The frame of chromed steel wire and the special welds at the intersections, the generous dimensions and the armrests extend the stylish coolness and clarity, which is flanked by a touch of elegance and a choice of comfort. With the Barcelona armchair by the master builder Mies van der Rohe, which is available from us, it becomes even more extravagant. In this work, even the most lauded, recognizes how the interplay of extremely super-cooled high-gloss chrome plating and a padding of individually sewn leather squares flow in a very special visuality and stands for comfort.

The Exceptionality and a Special Design as a Trademark

If you are more interested in modern designs and contemporary designs, the Eileen Gray Bibendum chair reminds you of the Michelin man, the Le Corbusier LC3 armchair (commonly known as the Ladies Chair), Josef Hoffmann's extremely cuddly and extremely subtle design of cube armchair classics, or the artful armchair Red & Blue - also known as the Gerrit Rietveld chair - are extremely interesting options. The latter alternative can also be used superbly as a room sculpture, while the classic piece of furniture reminds of a comfortable beach chair for a relaxed sitting. Whatever your priority, you will find the right model for our armchair offerings as part of the legendary Bauhaus intention. Exceptionality and the love for a very special design are clearly the focus here.

• Charles Eames
• Charles R. Mackintosh
• Designer Möbel Classic
• Eileen Gray
• Gerrit Rietveld
• Harry Bertoia
• Josef Hoffmann
• Le Corbusier
• Marcel Breuer
• Mart Stam
• Mies van der Rohe
• Philippe Starck

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