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There is hardly a piece of furniture that characterises a room as stylishly as a sofa. Again and again the builders of sofas surpass each other in new ideas, elements, materials and forms. Whereas yesterday voluminous living landscapes were still the order of the day, plainly elegant models are now in vogue. But if you want to own a real classic sofa for eternity, there is no way around the Bauhaus models. Because the Bauhaus simply never stops presenting something very special - both visually and functionally ...

The Bauhaus look brings charm and flair to every room

With a sofa as the central focal point and at the same time an optical eye-catcher in the living room, however, the focus is never solely on optics or functionality. For a real feel-good factor, it is above all the interaction of functionality with design that is decisive. Whether a rather cosy ambience, stylish elegance or stylish trend - individuality is the trump card and gives a room personal charm; one's own taste decides. With us, you will find individual Bauhaus premium solutions that offer both plenty of functionality and a very special look. All our models have clear lines, which are accentuated with wood applications or different metal looks. Elements of this kind are typical for the special Bauhaus look, which follows a stringent line, but repeatedly receives a very special flair through targeted interruptions.

Contours and colouring underline the individual character

You don't have to make any compromises when it comes to colours either. In addition to Bauhaus sofas in the elegant colours black and white, we also have colours such as Bordeaux, Cream, Cognac or Anthracite in our portfolio. The colour repertoire also includes various brown and grey shades as well as blue and green. If you want to make your Bauhaus sofa strikingly colourful, you can also choose a bright red. Whichever colour you choose - every sofa from our range of goods is first class due to its colour, its special shape or contours, the materials used and a basically outstanding quality of workmanship.

Functionality and beauty as the basic principles of the Baushaus idea

The best Bauhaus designers around Charles Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, Josef Hoffmann and Eileen Gray have lent a hand to the upholstered furniture available from us. The spectrum of design ideas ranges from explicitly stylish 2-seater sofas to functional, comfortable three-seater and cube-shaped models. The respective Bauhaus variants show their strengths in detail. For example, the designer has shaped the shape-retaining upholstery of the three-seater Josef Hoffmann Kubus Sofa into squares of equal size using an innovative sewing technique. This underlines the cubic shape of the sofa. Eileen Gray's Lota sofa, on the other hand, features side panels with castors that are removable and freely movable. In principle, however, all our Bauhaus sofas have been created according to the traditional Bauhaus principle, according to which functionality and a beautiful appearance represent the high art of furniture design.

Real workmanship is our own claim

With us you can always rely on receiving a true Bauhaus quality sofa. However, an essential feature of our upholstered furniture is not only the optimised interplay of functionality and appearance. The quality of the frame, upholstery, suspension and upholstery material is also fully given in our models. With us, you simply receive genuine quality work in principle.

• Charles Eames
• Charles R. Mackintosh
• Designer Möbel Classic
• Eileen Gray
• Gerrit Rietveld
• Harry Bertoia
• Josef Hoffmann
• Le Corbusier
• Marcel Breuer
• Mart Stam
• Mies van der Rohe
• Philippe Starck

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